Twilight Rain Policy

The Golf Committee has formulated and put in to effect a rain policy for Tuesday night Twilight League.This was deemed necessary to clear up any confusion as to what should happen when there is substantial weather on Tuesday night.

1. A decision to play or not play will be made at 3:00 pm.  This will allow the restaurant adequate time to prepare for the dinner.  Play will be canceled in the event of severe weather or thunderstorms.

2. If it begins raining once play has begun, play will be stopped in the event of possible lightning or if the course becomes unplayable due to heavy rain. If play is stopped, a minimum of 5 holes must be played for the match to count.  Un-played holes will be halved.  If less than 5 holes are played, the match will be scratched and no points awarded to either team.

3. Once play begins and play is not suspended, a match must complete a minimum of 5 holes in order for the match to count.  Un-played holes will then be halved.  If a match quits without completing the required holes, no points will be awarded. The decision to stop play does not have to be unanimous. If one team chooses to quit, that team will forfeit all points won to that point. The team who is willing to continue play will receive the number of points won and will receive remaining points as determined by the forfeit rule.