2015 New Member Opportunities

Manchester Country Club is pleased to offer a variety of brand new membership options in 2015 that make our private club more practical than ever. Please review the different options below and you can click on the membership titles for full descriptions. In addition to offering amenities such as bag storage and personal lockers, we also offer an affordable seasonal cart plan.  A link to the membership application is at the conclusion of each respective description. We look forward to welcoming you to the MCC family!
Trial Membership- Full member access to all of the amenities of Manchester Country Club with the benefit of a graduated dues schedule over two years. This program is designed to offer a path to full membership in a way that allows you to experience the facilities, programs, social events and culture of the Club over a generous two year trial period. Those who enter the program in 2015 will be exempt from all initiation fees!  APPLICATION

Under 40 Associate- An incredibly attractive privilege for those under age 40. This junior membership opportunity provides you with full member access to all of the amenities of Manchester Country Club. A graduated dues schedule starts at age 22 and runs through age 39 on your path to regular membership.  Junior members are exempt from any initiation fee until turning age 40 and for every consecutive year of junior membership from age 35-age 39, 20% will be reduced off of any applicable initiation fee at that time. Example- If you were a junior member from age 35-39 (5 years), you will be exempt from any potential initiation fee.  APPLICATION

Non-Resident Associate- For those who do not own property in the Manchester area or those who seasonally rent for 2 months o
r less. This offers a great opportunity for those who want to enjoy the benefits of life at Manchester Country Club, but are not in the local area enough to justify a full golf membership. APPLICATION

Green Mountain Professional- Designed for those working and living in the Manchester area full time. As a club originally established to attract members from the local community, this offers an afforable and practical way to experience MCC. BUSINESS APPLICATION & INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION

Student Associate- Manchester Country Club supports the next generation of golfers by providing access to the Club at an incredibly affordable rate. This special privilege is available to those enrolled full time in school through age 21. The application is found by clicking on the program title.

Tennis Associate-  Access to the Club for unlimited tennis, social, and dining pursuits. A tennis privilege holder can also play up to 5 rounds of golf. APPLICATION

Social Associate- Access to the Club for unlimited social, card playing, and dining pursuits. This program is designed to for those not interested in our golf and tennis but still value the ability to enjoy the amenities of private country club life. APPLICATION

We look forward to welcoming you to MCC soon.  We encourage you to schedule a personalized tour to view our facilities, experience our course, and meet our members. You belong here.

Please contact Michael Harger, Head Golf Professional
802-367-1184 ~ mharger@mccvt.com