Cardio Tennis

High energy fitness activity that combines the best features of the sport of tennis with cardiovascular exercise, delivering the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout. It is a very social and fun class for players of all ability levels taught by a tennis teaching professional. If you’ve never played tennis before it is a great way to be introduced to the sport.

Stroke of the Week

Focused on the technical elements of a specific stroke. The instruction will include a mix of technical building along with the appropriate tactical parameters to execute the shot when the situation calls for it.

Mixed Drill Clinic

Focused on improving a variety of Doubles situations through a series of deadball and liveball drills.

Adult Beginner Clinic

Players new to the game will learn the fundamental groundwork needed to begin their tennis journey. Technical Building will be the primary component.

Supervised Match Play

When it comes to tennis there is no substitute for playing matches. Of course, like many sports drilling is paramount in developing proper technique and establishing good habits to hit the ball effectively and to avoid potential injury. It's very difficult to implement feedback from just a series of lessons. It's important to make mistakes and learn from it. Playing matches will allow you to try new strategies, and see what works well for you, and continue to work on things that don't.

(Specialty Clinic) Singles Tactics

Focused on developing and implementing specific patterns of play, shot combinations and match strategy to improve tactical prowess. Offered twice monthly.

(Specialty Clinic) Serve & Return Tactics

The serve and return are the 2 most important shots in tennis and quite often the most neglected. During this session players will work on developing several key aspects for a better and more confident serve and return game. Key elements will be discussed prior to the start of the session. Offered twice monthly.

Doubles Strategy Clinic

Players will learn tactical strategies that tour players use in their matches. This will give you a CLEAR picture of what you should practice. You will also learn about shot percentage. Providing a more in-depth look at the doubles court. Different from Mixed Drill Clinic.