Tennis Lessons

You Know You Need Them


Private Lessons 

Offering the chance to learn at your own pace.

Improve quickly.

Take lessons even with a busy schedule.

Whether you just want a hitting lesson or you need a bit of extra help on

everything, your game will improve quickly thanks to private lessons.

You get maximum playing time with every single session.

Get started with a private lesson today!

Member Rates:

1\2 Hour Private Lesson: $30.00
1 hour Private Lesson: $60.00
Package of Five (5) 1-hour Private Lessons : $250.00 Your Savings $50
Package of Ten (10) 1-hour Private Lessons: $500.00 Your Savings $100

Semi-Private Lessons

Up to 5 people of any age and skill can enjoy a lesson together and improve.
At a very economical rate, group lessons make spending quality,
healthy time with friends and family easy. For league players, group lessons are a proven team building tool and the ideal outlet for teammates during the off-season. Our group lessons include the skills and drills necessary to make match play at any level more exciting, and these sessions are a great way to improve your game in a dynamic, fun environment that will continually challenge you. (For Groups of 3-5 Players)

Try our Semi-Private Lessons today!

Member Rates:

1 hour Semi-Private Lesson: $90.00
Package of Five (5) 1-hour Semi-Private Lessons: $375.00 Your Savings $75
Package of Ten (10) 1-hour Semi-Private Lessons: $750.00 Your Savings $150

Group Lessons

Start practicing your shots and using your skills in serious match

play when you request a Group Lesson today!


Member Rates:

1 hour Group-Private Lesson: $110.00

Package of Five (5) 1-hour Group-Private Lessons:  $450.00 Your Savings $100

Package of Ten (10) 1-hour Group-Private Lessons: $1100.00 Your Savings $


Junior Lessons

Junior Class Descriptions ( Red, Orange, Green and Yellow)

Red Ball

This program introduces fundamental skills of Tennis with oversized low compression balls on a smaller court. Players will learn basic strokes, serve and net play along with activities that build tennis specific coordination.

Orange Ball

This program class is played on a 3/4 size court with a low compression ball. Players will learn to maintain a rally when receiving  more challenging shots, serve with improved placement, approach the net and volley with better control.

Green Ball

This program class uses a transition ball. Players will learn to maintain and develop their skills. Players continue to rally with improved direction, height and control. Serve with better placement and velocity, return effectively, approach the net and volley with underspin and placement and will also be able to execute an overhead.

Yellow Ball

In this program class players will have a clear understanding of how to implement more complex tactical parameters, using specific shot combinations and strategic formulas during point play. Players will also learn to use more comp!ext and specific movement patterns both offensive and defensive. Decision making will be a big focus throughout the session.

Junior Supervised Match Play

When it comes to tennis there is no substitute for playing matches. Of course, like many sports drilling is paramount in developing proper technique and establishing good habits to hit the ball effectively and to avoid potential injury. It's very difficult to implement feedback from just a series of lessons. It's important to make mistakes and learn from it. Playing matches will allow you to try new strategies and see what works well for you and continue to work on things that don't.